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Studiologic Numa x Piano GT

Stage Piano
Item number:10009407 EAN/UPC:8034141640643

Numa X Piano represents a revolution for digital Piano players, featuring a wide selection of high quality in-demand Sounds and a wide range of hi-end features. The Numa X Piano has been designed to be played as an intuitive, and effective instrument with the best keyboard feeling for the very highest level of performance in any application, both in the Studio and on Stage.

In other words, Numa X Piano is the perfect combination of a top-quality musical instrument, using an all new Sound Generation architecture, and a four zone MIDI controller with features taken from Studiologic renowned SL Line of MIDI controllers. The Numa X Piano also includes many innovations such as audio streaming over USB and a 4 input digital mixer to add other instruments and sound sources to your performance.

The all new and revolutionary UX logic is the name of an innovative adaptive colour user interface. The colour display and the colour-coded controls are always synchronized with the selected zone to give the musician clear and easy access to all functions for real time control in an intuitive way. The attractive uncluttered control panel contributes to the elegant design of the Numa X Piano and is a pleasant "side effect" of such an effective and rational interface.

The Numa X Piano sound engines are based on a new powerful mix of Sampling, Wave Shaping and Physical Modelling. To enhance the sound further there are 8 Insert digital FX, 2 for each keyboard zone, plus Master Delay and Reverb (with FDN Technology). The Acoustic Piano Sounds have dedicated DSP Effects to simulate Strings and Duplex Resonances, plus Release, Key Off and Damper noise sounds. Specific settings are available, for a wide range of parameters which the musician can edit and store in user memories.

Compelling reasons to buy:
Numa X Piano is a real, smart alternative to the top competitors, with an orthogonal philosophy that allows to use the instrument as a 4 Zones Musical Instrument or a 4 Zones MIDI Controller with any combination for each one of the available Programs. A one man band instrument. The perfect solution for a professional keyboard player, with no need of external mixers for live gigs with up to 4 players or singers. The disruptive ease of the new UXlogic interface, together with an hi-end powerful technological package of features, sounds, SFX and cutting edge hammer action keyboards, made possible the overall distinctive style of Numa X Piano, creating a new kind of product.


  • UX Logic with Adaptive Colour Controls
  • Acoustic Piano sounds with Enhanced TRS Technology and Hi Resolution Spectral Interpolation
  • Electric Piano sounds with Physical Modelling of Vintage Electric and Hybrids
  • Hi-end Fatar hammer action keyboard
  • 4 Zones assignable to internal sounds or external MIDI
  • 4 Audio Inputs Zones Mic/line with dedicated effects
  • Zoom function to quick edit Zone parameters
  • Favourites storage
  • Global EQ: bass, mid, treble
  • 8 Sound Banks with over 200 Factory Sounds
  • Specific controls for each sound that can be activated by the Zoom function
  • Wide effects section composed by Insert FX1, Insert FX2, Master Delay, Master Reverb
  • Audio over USB
  • 2 Programmable sticks
  • preview on display

Technical specifications:


  • TP/110 Premium Hammer Action
  • Triple switch detection system
  • Escapement
  • Aftertouch
  • Ivory feel
  • Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed Touch(programmable)
  • Keyboard Sensitivity Control
  • Black/White keys Balance
  • 250 User Programs
  • Zoom function to quick edit Zone parameters
  • 4 Zones assignable to internal sounds or external MIDI
    • Split/Key range for each Zone
    • Dedicated Split button
  • 16 Favourites groups with 24 Programs for each one
  • Favourite content preview on display
  • Global Equalizer
  • Bass, Mid, Treble gain
  • Mid frequency control
Sound generation 
  • 8 Sound Banks with over 200 Factory Sounds
  • New Sounds installable with the Manager app
  • Max Polyphony 300 voices
  • Acoustic Pianos
    • Acoustic Modelling Technology
    • Release samples, Damper and Key-off noises
    • Zoom controls: Tone, Strings Resonance, Duplex, Damper Noise
  • Electric Pianos
    • Electric Modelling Technology: Physical Modelling of Vintage Electric and Hybrids
    • Zoom controls: Hammer, Offset, Tine, Damper Noise
  • Keyboards, Bass & Guitars, Organs, Synthesizers, Orchestral, Other
    • Zoom controls: Filter Cut-off, Resonance, Attack, Release
Effects / Processing 
  • 8 independent Insert FX (2 for each Zone)
  • FX1
    • Distortion, Overdrive, Auto Wah, Pedal Wah, Auto Pan, Tremolo, Vibrato, Equalizer, Compressor
  • FX2
    • Chorus1, Chorus 2, Flanger 1, Flanger 2, Phaser100, Phaser90, Phaser HMX, Phaser Pad, Rotary, Auto Pan, Tremolo, Vibrato, Equalizer, Compressor
  • Master Delay
    • Delay, Pan Delay
  • Master Reverb
    • FDN (Feedback Delay Network) technology
    • Room 1, Room 2, Hall 1, Hall 2, Cath. 1, Cath. 2, Plate 1, Plate 2, Spring 1, Spring 2
Audio input / Mixer 
  •  4 Audio Input Zones Mic/Line
    • Configurations: 4 Mono, 1 Stereo + 2 Mono, 2 Stereo
    • Zoom controls: Gain/Low/Mid/Hi for each Audio Zone
  • 7 Delay FX presets
    • Eko 1, Eko 2, Eko, 3, Eko 4, Paneko 5, Paneko 6, Paneko 7
  • 7 Reverb FX presets
    •  Club, Lounge, Studio, Vocal, Stage, Bighall, Chorale
Controls / UI
  • 2,8" Colour Display (320 x 240)
  • Master Volume
  • Navigation Encoder
  • 13 Encoders with push function
  • Assignable Encoder for input volume (Audio / USB /Audio + USB)
  • 22 buttons
  • 2 Programmable Sticks
    • Stick 2 directional-not spring
    • Stick 1 bidirectional-spring
  • Audio OUT: 2x 6,3 mm mono jack (L+R)
  • Audio IN: 4x mono jack 6,3 mm
  • Headphones: 6,3 mm stereo jack
  • Pedals: 2 auto switch/continuous, 1 universal
  • MIDI: In/Out
  • USB: Audio In/Out, MIDI In/Out, Manager App
  • Power supply
    • DC IN: 12V
    • Adapter
    • Input: 100-240V / Output: 12V-2,5A
Dimensions & Weight
  • 1280mm x 310mm x 123mm
  • 50,4" x 12,2" x 4,8"
  • 22,0 Kg / 48,5 lbs
What's in the box:
  • Numa X Piano GT
  • Studiologic SLP3-D Pedal
  • Power adapter
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